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  Welcome to my website, I created this website couple years back as a personal project to understand javascript and all the fun that backend scaling has to offer!. I am currently a senior at University of Washington. I am fascinated by the process of problem solving.

In example I recently wrote scripts to automate data collection from an infinity scrolling webpage, the webpage would populate 10 entries each time the user scroll to the bottom. I separated this larger problem into smaller puzzles to solve. In small steps, each puzzle was investigated and solved, things such as each parameter needed to make a request to the server and how to reproduce those parameters.

I enjoy the chase of taking on learning something difficult, currently my most recent project involves learning about artificial neural networks and using them on the collected data. In addition, I am in the process of editing the archive of my findings of data analytics, machine learning, and scripting to start a blog on my personal website.

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